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Remove Unwanted Hair Through Electrolysis in Bucks County

Hair is an essential component of the body and serves a variety of functions. Unwanted hair, however, can be an inconvenience if it appears on the chin, upper lips, back, chest, etc. Fortunately, Feri's Electrolysis offers a permanent solution to help you deal with hair you don’t want. We offer electrolysis for Bucks County customers.

Our licensed electrologist is here to assist anyone who has unwanted hair but is unsure how to remove it permanently. We are here to help you boost your confidence by skillfully eliminating unwanted body hair forever. Schedule a consultation with us now.

The Process

Electrolysis is the process of removing unwanted hair permanently by coagulating each targeted hair root, known as the papilla. In this process, the heat is applied through a probe, a wire resembling a needle, which is put into a hair follicle's natural opening to kill the bottom third of the strand. This procedure gradually destroys cells, reducing the follicle's capacity to create hair. Electrolysis is the only method that can permanently damage the essential portion of hair.

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Get in touch with Feri's Electrolysis for more information about our hair removal treatments. Our team looks forward to talking with you and responding to your inquiries.