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Hairline Electrolysis in Pennsylvania

Improve the look of your hairline through our services at Feri's Electrolysis. Some people do not like having baby hair around their hairline, so they shave it or have it lasered by an expert. Others want to remove their widow’s peak to have a more natural-looking hairline. Instead of shaving or plucking, try an effective, long-term hair removal solution such as hairline electrolysis. Pennsylvania residents can trust our technicians to perform the procedure correctly and carefully.


Electrolysis is a safe and proven method of permanently removing unwanted hair from the face or body. Modern medical electrolysis equipment uses heat or chemical energy to damage the hair's growth center. An ultra-fine probe injects a minimal electrical current into the hair follicle during electrolysis. The chemical reaction caused by this procedure will permanently remove the hair part responsible for growth and regeneration.

The procedure time varies depending on how large the area is being worked on. A temporary, slight skin reddening may occur when the treatment is finished.

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